The obvious choice will be an expert in all things related to design and creativity, photography and mood, composition and self-assurance, symmetry and charm, structure and communication, technology and intellect. 


In 2018, it all began. Following five years in the field, Render Friends' creator, Oleh, followed his artistic inclination and abandoned architecture in favor of 3D visualization. Oleh decided to launch his own visualization company after gaining experience working for other companies and as a freelancer. As a result, he assembled a group of like-minded individuals who share his enthusiasm for 3D visualization and the insatiable want to make something of genuine value rather than just monetary profit. Years later, they remain the principles that bind us together and motivate us to improve and grow. 


Clients that come to us for the first time should expect us to mark a rally with them and make an attempt to understand their company in depth. Depending on which features they choose to build first, they may use this as a catalog of their furniture, an Instagram profile, or an advertising brochure. Once we have an idea of the client's overall vision, we go on to specific consumer analyses, learning more about their clientele and the kinds of products or interior design they prefer. As one would expect, they vary somewhat from one nation to another. When that is complete, we'll get down with the company's catalog designer to discuss what the final product should look like in terms of visualizations.
By being completely transparent with the customer, we hope they would realize that our goal is to aid in their company's growth rather than just to maximize our profits. 



We are a team of Ukraine's finest 3D artists, and we're not afraid of hard work or taking risks to achieve our goals. We're so excellent at what we do because it's what we enjoy doing. For us, 3D visualization is more than simply a profession; it's also a hobby and a source of great enjoyment. 
We started Render Friends with the intention of creating a network of like-minded future architects. We feel deeply about things. That's how ambitious we are. We think beauty can be redefined. Our goal is to alter the landscape of architectural visualization and the global economy. 
Collaboration, intrinsic motivation, and excellence in work are the pillars of our company culture. Our primary objective is to facilitate the success of our customers. Our visuals are developed after careful consideration of our customer's requirements, their target audience's habits, and their products' characteristics.
Our customer geography is quite broad, ranging from the Ukrainian landscape to Europe and Germany in particular, then traveling across the globe to Australia and The United States, cities of New York and Los Angeles.


As a studio, we want to work with large clients on a continuous basis; thus, we focus on building lasting partnerships with them. Since our studio's inception, we've worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality output possible; our clients have seen incremental improvements in that output over the years. For instance, it is a Germany-based furniture manufacturer. Then an architect bureau from Australia is to be mentioned. Moving onto multiple New York and Canadian mid-size furniture manufacturers. Finally, a British furniture design workshop is also available on the list. We are responsible for the visualization of their concepts.


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Oleg Kniaziev


One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. The Ring has awoken; it’s heard its master’s call.Oleg is our true Big Bang and tireless engine that pushes us forward, setting new goals to climb new summits, enjoy novel horizons, diving deep into the turbulent waters of opportunities and challenges.

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Irene Sierna

Art Director

Irene incredibly combines unique creativity with iron-made discipline. She is in charge of all client communications concerned with the visualization conception. We do suggest trusting her intuition and experience; if you have any doubts about the things you need. After talking to Irene, the fog of doubt is always permanently removed, and no hesitations are left.

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Vadim Didukh

3D Modeler & 3D Artist

Hakuna Matata is one's problem-free philosophy. Vadim is the most easygoing person on Earth and the only one who takes 3D modeling as a relaxing meditation, yet ain't no passing craze. Professional to trust still, and colleague to rely on!

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Julia Shmorgun

Project Manager

The wise speak only of what they know. That's why our precious Julia is the one in charge of all the communications between clients and 3D artists during the workflow. Fret not; She will organize the work most efficiently and comfortably for both parties and beyond.

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Roman Strautmanis

3D Artist

Your time will come. You will face the same Evil, and you will defeat it. Yet,in our business, the true devil is in the details. Not a single trifle can be possibly hidden from Roman’s piercing eagle eye. Being an advocate of natural colors in 3D visualization, Roman is Jan van Eyck of photorealistic rendering.

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Tanya Plutanova

3D Artist

Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars. Our veritable guru of warm and cozy interiors is on guard, though. She knows how to highlight the most important in the most appropriate way.

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Paul Guk

3D Artist

Perhaps the luckiest, the canniest, and the most reckless man one ever knew, Paul has a wide range of social and artistic interests. Since he is both curious and active, he always comes up with methods to better his 3D models. He may examine the design in many ways till he finds the right one.

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Galya Medvedieva 

Smm Manager & Сontent creator

Oft hope is born when all is forlorn. It's pretty apparent that artists often find themselves at a loss for words, leading them to turn to visual representations of their ideas instead. When a photo just won't do, we call on Galya, a wordsmith par excellence, to assist us out.

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Andriana Tylman

3D Artist

Andriana is another member of our team who paints incredibly comforting and warm pictures. Despite her youth, she has a strong portfolio and is a true professional.

Our sharp, imaginative mind. Her favorite part of the job is witnessing the fruits of her efforts. Each picture she develops shows her charm to the customers - thanks to her wide range of practical experience.

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Olga Buglak

3D Artist

Olga knows more about interior design in general than anybody else. She is also well-versed in the art of coordinating hues. Yet, several particular decorative motifs are favored by her.

Olga’s in-depth understanding of design, style and aesthetic trends enables her to fully immerse herself in any project she takes on and always provide exceptional outcomes.

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Yuriy Byron

Head of Content

Don’t adventures ever have an end? Suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story. Yuriy can be a bit of a fruit cake when it comes to writing. He is a rare example of when words speak louder than actions; he has preferred drinking distilled sarcasm ever since he was a baby but still loves our team to bits.

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  • How complicated is the process?

    Years of practice have allowed us to streamline this procedure for our clients. Our savvy account manager allows us to provide our clients with top-notch care and convenient self-service options. Our transparent workflow lets clients see the process, provide feedback, and get frequent status reports. 
    Our studio has designed a procedure that accommodates both sides. Our project manager creates staged projects on the online board where the customer may offer comments and provide visuals at any point in the process. Throughout the process, you'll collaborate with the project manager and the art director, who will be held accountable for the work's final outcomes. Yet, considering our studio's extensive history in the industry, we have amassed a sizable library of 3D models and high-resolution textures to ensure that all those depictions are very realistic.
    Our regular client from Germany has allowed us to share this project in order to show how we work, here, you can leave comments, add references and even make sketches. Link to a project:

  • What about cooperation with furniture manufacturers?

    The opportunity to collaborate with different manufacturers is a fascinating aspect of our job. Since here is where we display our work the most. 
    Clients often come to us for help with things like 3D rendering brand-new furniture lines in production for use in social media and product catalogs. 
    Our staff does some research to determine which design is already in production, if it has been formed, or whether any additional work must be done. Whether or not this project will include animation or not.The same goes for choosing how and where our pictures will be utilized. Contact us. We will be happy to help you.

  • What is our price for 3D rendering?

    Long-term partnerships with our customers are our first priority; thus, we assess each project on its own merits. Please email us a brief description of your needs, and our manager will respond with an estimated cost for a single picture.

    Our first priority is to help our clients save time and money by streamlining the process. Therefore, it is important to explain to prospective customers that if they purchase a visualization of a single room and, let's say, eight images of it, the project's overall cost will be lower. The reason is straightforward: it may take up to two to seven days to visualize one room and make two images, whereas any additional pair of images may take from three to seven hours as it takes much less time and effort.

    To this end, it is crucial to know how many individual artworks you want to display in a given space. When compared to the cost of providing a single picture, the price of an architectural project, including the arrangement of one or ten images, is substantially lower.
    In essence, the more you order, the cheaper each image becomes.

  • How will I communicate with a team throughout the process?

    In this role, our customer service manager facilitates communication between the client and the project team. You may get in touch with your account manager at any time to discuss adjustments, make changes, provide feedback, or provide final approval on work in progress.

  • Our cooperation with architectural bureaus and design studios.

    Thus, our studio collaborates with interior designers and architectural firms who need to present their ideas visually to customers or for commercial purposes. Feel free to send us any concepts or drawings you may have, and we will do our best to turn them into reality.

  • An example of how we work on a project.

    Our regular client from Germany has allowed us to share this project in order to show how we work, here, you can leave comments, add references and even make sketches. Link to a project: